Indian Credit Point To ECTS Point Converter

Take Note: There is no direct formula to do it. The converter here is very basic as well, however it maybe used for immediate conversion.

This is a general converter and is provided with no guarantee whatsoever and should be used at one’s own risk. The author is not liable for any damages incurred by the usage of this tool including, but not limited to, incorrect information distribution based on the usage of this tool, misformation to a third party leading to any form of loss etc. This uses naive unitary method for the calculation and is in no way a replacement for professional advice.


This tool lets a user convert Indian credit points to ECTS points in seconds. This lets any user convert their credit points earned in an Indian credit point grading system in any Indian university to ECTS scale. Give it a try. Just type in the data and the values will change automatically. This Indian to ECTS credits conversion system is one of the very few that exists in the web today.


Scale Remarks
1 – 1.5       Sehr Gut (Very good)
1.51 – 2.5       Gut (Good)
2.51 – 3.5       Befriedigend (Satisfactory)
3.51 – 4       Ausreichend (Sufficient)
4.01 – 6       Nicht Ausreichend (Not sufficient)


This tool can be used for CGPA to ECTS conversion and GPA to ECTS conversion as well.