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Now that you have written TOEFL® and opened a blocked account (or at least initiated the process of opening one) it’s now time to choose a right university. This is a decision that can make or break your career and one should do a thorough research before zeroing on a course. Thanks to DAAD or the German Academic Exchange Service, this process is a cakewalk. Germany has over 16,000 study programmes and the choosing process would have been overwhelming if not for the meticulously designed DAAD website. Here’s how to find the right degree of choice. The (huge!) image below will help you understand how to streamline a proper search in the DAAD website.

Pro Tip: Join this Facebook group for more information or you can comment below.Automobile/Mechanical/Instrumentation Engineers take note: RWTH Aachen, one of Germany best schools, has one of the best summer schools for Automobile Engineering enthusiasts. The price of the course is €1800 (approximately ₹1,30,000, check the link below for an updated price) and is totally worth it. Click Here to learn more. Now that we have selected our dream universities, it’s time to apply!Good To Know: Germany has 2 types of higher educational institutions. An University and a Hochschule. While we are familiar with the concept of an university a hochschule is also an university for applied sciences. Then there are TUs or Technical Universities completely focusing on only technical degrees (Similar to I.I.T.s in India). Choosing either of the three is totally dependent on the student’s choice of course. 

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